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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Jul 27, 2023

I was delighted to welcome Lockie Phillips back for his third appearance on the podcast to unpack his recent Emotional Horsemanship clinic tour. Joining our conversation was long-time Whole Horse Apprenticeship student, and my new assistant, Elsie Reford, who hosted Lockie for a two-day clinic in her home town of Ottawa, ON and later attended the Whole Horse Clinic that Lockie, Elisse Miki and I hosted in Langley, BC. 

Together, the three of us reflect on the unique and surprising elements that unfolded during the clinics, including my very real encounter with the alarming consequences of burnout at the end of the first day of the Whole Horse Clinic. This prompted a much wider, and much needed discussion on the pervasive hustle-and-grind culture amongst equine professionals. We shared honestly about the need to fundamentally revise our mindset around productivity and worth, prioritize rest, and turn towards support and collaboration as medicine for moving forward healthily in our demanding horsey careers. I hope this episode reminds you to take good care of yourself and ask for help when you need it. I promise that you, your horses and your clients will all be better for it!

Lockie Phillips is an Australian horse trainer, instructor and coach living in Spain. A former professional dancer, Lockie focuses on the emotional well being of horses and humans in his business, Emotional Horsemanship.

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Elsie Reford is a passionate writer and horsewoman, and Alexa's newly appointed virtual assistant! She is currently offering herself as a creative consultant for equine professionals who could use support in managing administrative tasks, writing copy, creating and publishing content and generating ideas, so that they have more time and energy to focus on doing the work they love. Follow along and reach out on Instagram @farout_and_about 

You can also find her work online at and in the co-authored book Unlocking the Wisdom of Horses Within You available at