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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Oct 8, 2020

This was such a restorative and relaxing episode with Daniela Kaemmerer of Body Mind and Horses, who also has a mare named Diva! We chatted yoga, breathing, presence, horses, self care practices, and how yoga is actually something way more than just going to a yoga class. Her voice is so soothing, and it was the perfect thing for these stressful times. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!
Daniela Kaemmerer teaches positive horsemanship and works as a coach and yoga teacher for people who love horses. Her mission is to turn each and every one of them into a better partner for their horses by helping them to develop awareness, softness and feel – for their own bodies and minds as well as their horses. For her, yoga and horsemanship not only support one another in multiple ways but can also be seen as one and the same thing: A practice of self-development and discovery, striving ultimately for union. 
Daniela also works as an author and regularly sets up workshops and seminars with internationally acclaimed horse people for the German speaking horse world. 
To get in touch with Daniela, visit (the English part of) her website at