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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Jul 13, 2023

Get ready to expand your mind and heart with this potent conversation! Recording this episode with Emily Frost of Kiros Way was a glorious and deep look at the ways in which horses invite us to remember and reconnect to the divine nature of life. We discuss shadow work as an essential tool on our journey to embodying the love we know we feel for our horses, but can struggle to express due to unconscious conditioning, and share how everything from the mundane to the mystical can be a spiritual experience. I’m truly grateful for Emily’s enthusiasm and unapologetic way of embracing these less-tangible spaces of connection with our horses, and I hope our chat can leave you feeling inspired and curious to explore new realms of being and relating to both yourself and your equine partners

Emily Frost of Kiros Way offers a holistic, connection based training approach through the integration of a well-rounded and embodied language bridge.

By combining animal communication, somatic reinforcement, bioenergetics, and operant conditioning; primarily in the form of positive reinforcement & non-escalating negative reinforcement; each language bridge and educational experience is unique and completely customized to every individual and partnership - supporting all stories.

So often we demand that our horses bridge themselves to our human world, far more than we step into theirs. Emily is dedicated to helping horses and humans meet in the middle, catalyzing powerful healing journeys to the heart.

Learn more about Emily's work at