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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Mar 18, 2023

This episode with Celeste Lazaris, founder of the Balance through Movement Method, was everything I had hoped and more! After starting this work with my own horses through Celeste's Masterclass and having a good amount of success but feeling very much like a newbie, I was full of questions and Celeste was full of informative answers and information, getting into how the masterclass works, how to use it well for you and your horses, where to go for more support, what this work is and how it can support many different kinds of horses and much more.  If you've been interested in trying this method, but haven't been sure what it's about and how to start, this is the episode for you!
Celeste Lazaris is a biomechanical lameness specialist and an expert in equine movement and muscle development. 
Her primary focuses are releasing nerve compressions in the horse that cause restrictions and undiagnosed lameness, and teaching owners how to develop their horses body both in-hand and under saddle through intrinsic motivation and proper movement to prevent injury and further nerve related problems. She is highly valued by Veterinarians around the world and is quickly changing the way we see our horses for the better.
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