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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Sep 1, 2020

Another mind-stretching and learning-rich episode, this time with Equine Hanna Somatics Educator Alissa Mayer! Alissa shares about how she found somatic work, what it is and how it works on a physiological level with a specific and important reflex, and how she works with it to shift the health and performance of horses and riders. She also shares a simple daily somatic-based exercise near the end of the podcast that I have been using since with great results. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Alissa Mayer has been the mind-body instructor, interspecies-relationship advisor and Hanna Somatic Educator to dressage trainers, international clinicians, Olympians, dancers, fitness instructors, horsemanship gurus, business owners, grandmothers, recreational horse riders, and thousands of people around the world wanting to be more supple and pain-free.

She teaches Hanna Somatics for horses and riders, and has her own unique approach, A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship™. She helps equestrians and their horses to access their natural reflexes of self-care and self-carriage to get rid of the chronic tension that causes pain, stiffness, crookedness, and fatigue, to reveal their natural balance, great posture, and effortless performance potential.

Learn more about Alissa’s work at