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The Whole Horse Podcast with Alexa Linton

Oct 19, 2023

Kathryn is currently running a four-week class called Ritual Crafting for Barn and Stable, and I was excited to have a chat with her about how she weaves the practice of ritual into her life as a horsewoman and facilitator. Throughout our conversation, Kathryn offered insights and tools that horse-people far and wide can tap into to deepen their relationship with themselves and their horses.

Kathryn shared that intention really is the golden thread that ties potency and power to our activities with our horses, and that developing rituals can be as simple and accessible as asking ourselves questions and doing the inner work to be able to hear and honour the answers — no extra supplies required. We also touched on some nuances surrounding the conversation of consent with our horses, especially as it pertains to introducing ritual to our interactions with them, and some tips on connecting to our heart centre so that we can craft clear and aligned intentions. We rounded off the episode with an important piece of awareness surrounding cultural appropriation, and I was so grateful to hear Kathryn’s thoughtful perspective. 

The changing of the seasons (especially here in the Northern Hemisphere as we move towards winter) is always a rich time to slow down and reflect on our journey with our horses, so I hope this episode inspired you to try new ways of connecting and relating with your equine loved-ones.

Kathryn Hofstetter is an Equine Trauma Specialist, Holistic Horsemanship Mentor, Equine Herbalist, Usui and Equine Reiki Master Teacher, Shadow Work Doula, and practicing folkloric Green Witch with over twenty years of horsemanship experience and nearly fifteen years of experience as an educator in the equine industry. With her diverse combination of professional modalities and academic experiences, Kathryn brings an eclectic perspective to the ways we can bridge the gap between the practical and the mystical aspects of inner work and connection with horses.

Check out Kathryn’s website and follow her on IG @openhearthorsemanship